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Hawaiian-Focused Spray Coating Services

Hawaii Coatings, LLC is a locally-owned and -operated coating company that works with customers to protect their HVAC equipment. We specialize in preventing corrosion to casing, coils, and other components of air conditioners from salt and other contaminants. In coastal areas, coating air conditioners are essential because the ocean’s salt can carry as far as 10 miles inland. In addition to protecting homeowners’ investments against salt-created corrosion, our spray coating services also safeguards against damage to motherboards and pests such as geckos. Let us protect your investment today.

We Are Uniquely Situated to Handle HVAC Coating

Our understanding of Hawaii’s unique landscape is a significant reason for our success in delivering results to our clients. Because we know how to protect expensive equipment from Hawaii’s natural environment, we can provide outstanding services to our customers, no matter the complexity of their HVAC equipment. For example, we are equally as skilled coating household air conditioners as we are industrial units. More importantly, we offer peace of mind to our customers through a three-year warranty for continued service. Lastly, we have several colors available, which means our coating always matches your HVAC unit’s existing paint for a seamless appearance.

We Are a Proud Provider of Aqua Aero Spray Coatings

We are proud to use Aqua Aero products. Our affiliation with this company makes us the Hawaiian Island’s most trusted provider of spray coating services. Aqua Aero has engineered the perfect coating, designed to adhere to any metal type and provide excellent anti-corrosion. They manufacture dozens of coatings, split into two broad categories: anti-corrosion and engineered coatings. Don’t wait to coat your new HVAC equipment. Doing so will make it last longer, improve the functionality, and make it easier to clean.

Friendly and Honest Customer Service

Working with Hawaii Coatings, LLC is a breeze. We prioritize customer service by delivering a seamless experience. We are dedicated to paying extreme attention to detail and developing long-term relationships with our clients. We want the experience to be as easy as possible for our customers. We believe our success stems from our collective personalities and how easy it is to get along with our team members. Our friendliness, honesty, and professionalism are why we always have our customers covered. If you have recently purchased a new air conditioner or HVAC unit, don’t hesitate to seek us out for spray coating services. We’ll help you protect your new investment for the long haul.

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