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Coil Coatings Boost Your HVAC System’s Lifespan

At Hawaii Coatings, LLC, we apply our dedication, and personal touch to ensuring our customers’ air conditioners remain in tip-top shape throughout their lifespan. We do so through the use of coil coatings. Our Hawaiian Islands customers have come to expect excellence from our team. We are proud to continue our legacy with each subsequent client.

High-Quality Products and Friendly Customer Service

We are a proudly locally-owned and -operated small business serving the Hawaiian Islands. Our team fully buys into our vision of personalized and friendly customer service. They work hard to make our customers happy. It is essential to protect investments, which is true of air conditioners and HVAC systems. Our affiliation with brands that pass OEM (Original Manufacturer Standards) expectations and ASTM B1177 test standards for salt spray is another component of our success. We work hard to ensure our protects can handle Hawaii’s beautiful climate – salt spray, humidity, and sunlight included!

Longevity and Performance: The Benefits of Spray Coating

There are several reasons to consider implementing coil coatings on your HVAC equipment. At Hawaii Coatings, LLC, we have the experience and knowledge required to do a thorough job. We understand our products and how to color match the coating to the existing unit color. The benefits include:


In addition to wind-carried salt, the environment around refineries, wastewater plants, swimming pools, and more cause gradual but significant damage to HVAC systems. Anti-corrosion coil coatings will help.


The coils on an air conditioner play a vital role in the unit’s performance. So, protecting them long-term is the best way to ensure the air conditioner is efficient and cools every room of the property correctly.

Humidity Protection

Humidity is the enemy of every air conditioner and all HVAC equipment. However, a simple spray coating will protect any unit from the damage caused by high humidity by safeguarding against condensation.

Easy Maintenance

At-home maintenance is part of owning an HVAC system. Pre-treating it with a spray coating is a great way to make the maintenance tasks more manageable. Our anti-corrosion, water-resistant, and thermal barrier coatings are all helpful.

Increased Lifespan

The average HVAC system lasts between 10 and 15 years. However, what manufacturers don’t mention is the lifespan is dependent on whether you correctly maintain the system. Spray coating is an excellent first step.

Our Warranty Policy

HAWAII COATING warrants that HAWAII COATING Coil Guard when applied in its correct form and following all of the application and maintenance procedures will withstand exposure to the chemicals and elements at concentrations as listed in its resistance list for a minimum of three (3) years from the date of application.

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